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When can I place an order for water? 

At least 24-hours in advance of the date you want delivery to begin and by close of business on Friday for Monday delivery. New orders for next day delivery must be placed before 9 AM and are not taken for Sunday delivery.

How can I place a water order? 

The office is open Monday through Friday between 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM. Orders can be phoned, faxed, emailed or placed in person, as well as at our online portal:

How can I find out what my allocation is, how much I have used and how much I have left on my account? 

Visit our “Customer Information Portal” to access information regarding your consumption history and remaining allocation:

Why is there such a large penalty for paying my bill late? 

Our contract with the Bureau of Reclamation requires the District to pay two months in advance of the month we have scheduled to deliver. We invoice customers the month following actual delivery, so we are already nearly four months out from when we paid for the water. All invoices are due in the office by the 20th of the month following actual delivery. As of the 21st, it is considered late and a 10% penalty is added. If still not paid by the 26th of the month, water service is turned off on the 27th until it is paid in full.

Why can’t I turn the delivery I get water from on or off myself? 

The distribution system was constructed as a gravity flow system. The mainlines have to be balanced correctly to provide the precise amount of water ordered via the sublaterals. If a customer changes the flow or turns the delivery completely off or on, it causes problems for all others served by the same sublateral and sometimes the entire mainline. Any change on a single delivery usually requires a similar change at the junction boxes on the mainline.

Where can I find out information about getting water from SSJMUD? 

The “Rules and Regulations for Water Service” are listed on the SSJMUD web page. You can also receive a paper copy by contacting the office.

Do I still need to fill out Reclamation Reform Act forms? 

NO, when SSJMUD converted to a 9d contract for water, the requirement to fill out the forms ended.

If I find the amount of entitlement water is greater than I have need for, can I transfer it to someone else in SSJMUD? 

Yes, and the same goes if you find you have less entitlement water that you need. Another customer with extra can transfer their entitlement to your account.

I have a well and was wondering if I can pump into the SSJMUD distribution system? 

In some cases yes and in others no. It all depends where your well is located in respect to the ability of the distribution system to be able to receive the water. It is best to contact the office if you are interested in pumping into the system.